Om att få världens bästa support

Nu har domen kommit. Och fröken Silvia hittar verkligen alla våra svagheter. Hon är helt enormt duktig. Jag fattar inte hur mycket tid hon lägger ner på de här internet klasserna. Bara på den första lektionen så är det nu 23 sidor med 950 kommentarer. Helst vill hon att vi ska hänga med på allas inlägg och diskussioner men det är baske mig inte lätt. Så hur hon hinner analysera alla våra filmer och ge så mycket bra feed-back fattar jag inte.

Eftersom jag är så jobbigt prestationsinriktad så har jag varit lite orolig sista dagarna att vi inte riktigt kan gå fram så fort som jag önskar. Jag försökte framföra det på inte så goda engelska till Silvia och hon är helt suverän på att ge stöd och uppmuntran. Så här ser vår dialog ut. Och håll för ögonen när ni ser min mellanstadie engelska. 😉


For tunnel games, maybe try either one straight tunnel + two balls or two curved tunnels. With a restrain before straight tunnel, you end too much behind and you’re getting too much waiting before the 2nd tunnel. The other way around (curved to straight) worked well. You can mix in some come to hand (on curved tunnels), but mostly do go go. Try to move more on come to hand and keep running/circling until he is staying really close. Make sure you call soon enough (I can’t hear it) to help him come right in rather as being thrown out of a turn.

On figure 8s, he was rather wide on ciks… — could be because of your handling (front crossing and leaving too late), so maybe practice it with 2 curved tunnels for now? Could be because of late cues as well… You can also try wrap to straight tunnel, but I would wait with figure 8s on jumps until he has more independence on turns and you can send and leave sooner — not sure if you saw some recent discussions on that topic?

And yes, that’s more than enough training. Give him some free days as well! I would focus on exercises I listed above and add figure 8s and its variations once you can leave earlier.

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  1. Sofia Petersson’s avatarSofia Petersson on April 18, 2013 at 07:35

    Yes I can see what you mean with the tunnels. Next time I do more straight tunnel and two balls game again and a single curved tunnel to practice come to hand. I call on him as soon as he has gone in to the tunnel but I think he’s unsure about the cue since we haven’t been practicing this so much.

    I will also try two curved tunnels to practice the front cross and a straight tunnel and wrap. Can I go both from wrap to tunnel and from tunnel to wrap?

    I will probably not be abel to film anything more until the next lesson. Do you think I can start with the new tasks next week or is that to early for us?
    I’m really anxious about coming forward with the training. Do you think his progress is to slow? Or is this a normal speed for a beginner?

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    LoLaBu’s avatarLoLaBu on April 18, 2013 at 14:33

    Oh, it’s normal, most small dogs need TONS of work to get them really drive ahead. You can start with some tasks and sequencing might need to wait until he is more independent on his wraps. I would do just wrap to a tunnel to start with. When you are sequencing, he starts to watch you too much, could be because you’re babysitting too much — you can try what you get with figure 8s without waiting at the jump.

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    1. Sofia Petersson’s avatarSofia Petersson on April 18, 2013 at 18:51

      Oh that was good to hear. I been a little worried about his progress. Thanks for the support. :-)

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      1. LoLaBu’s avatarLoLaBu on April 18, 2013 at 22:46

        He is doing great, just give him time — you have plenty of time before he is old enough to compete anyway! :) But yes, not so easy to master this whole program with a beginner dog within one class…

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        Snacka om proffsig fröken! Hon får mig ju att känna mig riktigt duktig trots allt. 🙂


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